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RotherWood Mansion
Important People
Current State

Welcome to the case study of the infamous local haunt, RotherWood Mansion! All information found on this page was the result of months of hard work and hours of research in libraries across the tri-county area and as far as can be verified, is true. We would like to thank Dr. Nancy Acuff for her kind contributions to our work as well. Thanks!

---- ATTENTION: This part of our team's website is still underconstruction. Keep checking back for updates and new additions! We will be posting updates on our main page as they are complete. For now, feel free to browse what we have put up. Thanks!---
-------The PSI Team.
Completed Updates:
Important People Page--Complete!


Click here to view the history of RotherWood Mansion, from conception to its present day state. Spanning well over 200 years, this stately home in Kingsport, Tennessee has more than its fair share of dark and devious deeds, and tragic blows.
Click here to view a list and a short biography of all of the major people involved in the history of the fabled mansion of the hills.
Click here to view the few photos available of RotherWood!
Click Here to view the current state of the manor and its restoration!

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